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Markets, movements, and municipalities: Who’s chicken? Whose chicken?

There are all kinds of good reasons for restricting the expansion of fast food restaurants, but are the political views of a chain’s founder enough?  Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino, appalled by the “traditional marriage” stance of Dan Cathy,* founder and … Continue reading

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Cannabis contention and the election

Medical marijuana is available legally in California, but not in the United States.  Last year, President Obama’s Justice Department followed US law, raiding Oaksterdam University (“America’s first and premier cannabis college”), which promises high quality training for those involved in … Continue reading

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Boycott politics

Chick Fil A is the most recent company to fall within the sites of a boycott campaign.  Dan Cathay, president of the fast food chicken restaurant chain founded by his father, reaffirmed his commitment to an evangelical approach to his … Continue reading

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Republicans wrestle with race and Tea Party

The headline of Jake Sherman’s story at Politico is “Republicans line up to rip Michele Bachmann.” Rep. Bachmann (Minnesota) and four other Tea Party conservatives    ( Reps.  Trent Franks [Arizona], Louie Gohmert [Texas], Thomas Rooney [Florida] and Lynn Westmoreland [Georgia]) … Continue reading

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Where’s the peace movement?

(This was written in response to a request from Mobilizing Ideas.  You can see related essays from Catherine Corrigall-Brown, David Cortright, William Gamson, Michael Heaney, Kathy Kelly, Lisa Leitz, and Andrew Yeo here.) Just over a decade ago, activists around … Continue reading

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