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Same sex marriage and tipping points–new evidence

General Colin Powell, who has served in high positions in Republican administrations, has announced that he supports same sex marriage. Following President Obama’s expression of support for gay marriage, Gen. Powell’s declaration is additional evidence that the president’s statement represented … Continue reading

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Social movement society conference

I’m happy to be at the University of Ottawa, participating in a workshop considering “the social movement society.” The idea is from a book Sid Tarrow and I edited nearly fifteen years ago.  We argued that social movements were becoming … Continue reading

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Occupy NATO (in Chicago)

When the leaders of the Western world assemble for a NATO summit meeting, the world press follows and activists see an opportunity to project their messages to a broader audience.  Chicago was the site not only for the meeting, but … Continue reading

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Movements, Presidential rhetoric, and tipping points

The NAACP’s decision to support marriage equality explicitly is early evidence that President Obama’s announcement about same sex marriage was a tipping point in American politics and opinion. As we discussed, President Obama’s disclosure, in a soft interview, about how … Continue reading

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Petitions, virtual and otherwise

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees “the people” the right to assembly and “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. ”  Do petitions matter?  How? Signing a piece of paper is one of … Continue reading

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The Tea Party versus the Republican Party

The Tea Party and the Republican Party have been forced into a marriage of inconvenience.  Republican candidates need Tea Party support to win many contested elections.  And Tea Partiers, to their dismay, know that the Republican Party, which has disappointed … Continue reading

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Presidents, opinion, and activism

Last week President Obama announced that his evolution on gay marriage had culminated in his decision to support it.  This statement was a milestone for the gay and lesbian rights movement and for America, especially as it came when same … Continue reading

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