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Protests and Repression in Russia

The Russian army needs more soldiers for its war in Ukraine than its leaders promised at the outset, to fight a war that has already gone longer than they expected. Vladimir Putin has announced enhanced “mobilization,” which means drafting young … Continue reading

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Martin, Zimmerman, judicial backlash and policy change: update

Yesterday I claimed that the disappointment and mobilization in the wake of unpopular judicial verdicts in the Rodney King and O.J. Simpson cases didn’t lead to changes in policy.  (That’s another disappointment!)  I asked for corrections. Lindsey Lupo, a political … Continue reading

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Presidents, opinion, and activism

Last week President Obama announced that his evolution on gay marriage had culminated in his decision to support it.  This statement was a milestone for the gay and lesbian rights movement and for America, especially as it came when same … Continue reading

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Healthcare politics outside the court

Most public attention to health care reform turned to arguments in front of the Supreme Court.  But while journalists and analysts interpreted every question, pause, and eye roll from the Supreme Court justices, activists took health care politics outdoors, offering … Continue reading

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Movement influence: it’s not forever

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission voted to license two new nuclear reactors in Georgia, the first new licenses in more than 30 years.  Activists can’t count on social movement victories to be permanent, and activists that leave the field cede political … Continue reading

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Pandering to Occupy

Successful social movements spark the imagination and stiffen the spine of mainstream politicians, especially ambitious or desperate politicians. Occupy has taken a lot of flak for failing to generate concrete policy proposals, but I’ve always thought that others will do … Continue reading

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