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Occupy Maidan

They’re still there.  At least some of the protesters who toppled Ukraine’s president Viktor Yanukovich months ago never left the Maidan, Kiev’s public square.  According to Steven Zeitchik’s report in this morning’s Los Angeles Times, the overwhelming majority of  the … Continue reading

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Are the movements in Ukraine and Thailand democratic?

I don’t know enough about these cases to say. Clifford Bob, who knows more than I do, writes with concerns: I just read your blogpost on Ukraine and Thailand.  I was struck by that juxtaposition today also.  But one thing … Continue reading

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Recipe for Democratic Revolution: What Works?

Reliably?  Nothing. As we see expressions of people power emerge and reemerge globally, it’s important–and hard–to remember that promoting democratic change isn’t like baking a cake. When courageous people take to the streets to press for their governments to be … Continue reading

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