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Economic inequality is bad (Occupy echoes?)

Don’t trust me on this; that’s what Standard and Poor’s says in a report published on August 5.  And S&P doesn’t mention human privation, stalled opportunity, justice, or any other kind of moral or political concern.  Rather, S&P claims that … Continue reading

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Occupy education: uniting university student protest

University and college student protest returned yesterday (here and here).  Across California, at UC, Cal State, and even some high school campuses, students protested tuition hikes and program cuts, even as schools are raising tuition and cutting programs everywhere.  Now, … Continue reading

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Occupy Congress

Sooner or later activists in any American movement confront the possibility of trying to adjust the thermostat, and not just the climate. On Tuesday, January 17, when members of Congress return to Washington, DC, they’ll be met by Occupiers.  There … Continue reading

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Pandering to Occupy

Successful social movements spark the imagination and stiffen the spine of mainstream politicians, especially ambitious or desperate politicians. Occupy has taken a lot of flak for failing to generate concrete policy proposals, but I’ve always thought that others will do … Continue reading

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