More, Miley!

I didn’t think I’d be writing about Miley Cyrus again, but:

Patricia Grim, identified as an “influential leader” in the Occupy movement, has endorsed Miley’s video, but challenged the singer to put her body on the front lines.  According to TMZ, a new source for my blog, Ms. Grim says the video “rocks,” but Miley should do more:

“I double dog dare [her] to fight on the front line of economic civil rights at LA City Hall…Revolutionaries occupy, Ms. Cyrus.”

With no aesthetic stake in this matter, I think Ms. Grim has it exactly wrong.  If the only way people can support Occupy is by sleeping outdoors and committing civil disobedience, the movement is doomed to marginality.

Close your eyes and think of thirty things that Miley could do that would be more helpful than joining any of the General Assemblies.  It’s a blink!

About David S. Meyer

Author and professor of Sociology and Political Science at the University of California, Irvine
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