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How activists should respond to the racist right: 1. nonviolent counterdemonstrations

Of course it’s heartening to see 40,000 explicitly anti-racist demonstrators turn out in Boston (August 20), dwarfing the assembly they were protesting against. Was it the best approach to countering white nationalist mobilization advancing in response to Trump adminstration policies … Continue reading

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George Clooney does politics outdoors–and indoors

George Clooney was arrested this morning in Washington, DC, protesting outside Sudan’s embassy.  They trespassed to call attention to President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir’s military blockade preventing food and humanitarian aid from getting to people on the border of Sudan and … Continue reading

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Occupation is a tactic; violence demands innovation

Police and Occupiers in Atlanta and Oakland have engaged in violent confrontations, with the protesters getting the worst of it.  What’s all this mean?  What happens next? Let’s start at the beginning.  Protesters are occupying Wall Street–and hundreds of other … Continue reading

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Pushing out Occupy Wall Street

Political and practical opponents to the Zuccotti Park Occupation are now visible on the horizon. The political opponents probably help.  National Tea Party organizations have begun to use Occupy as an occasion for fundraising (as Robin Pravender and Kenneth P. … Continue reading

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Wall Street, mass arrests, and media

Mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge are a good way for a protest campaign to break into mainstream media nationally.  Although Occupy Wall Street got some coverage in national outlets over the past two weeks, international news provided more extensive … Continue reading

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