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Labor Day 2019, reposted from the past, with an afterword on the day

Successful politicians exploit, buy off, and sell out the movements that sometimes buoy their campaigns.  This American story is an old one, and it’s one that leaves activists disappointed, wary, and cynical, even especially about the politicians who do the most for … Continue reading

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Coming out and digging in

Public opinion data provides strong support for the coming out strategy that has been at the core of gay and lesbian activism for decades. The graph on the left (right), where the lines cross, is a familiar one for anyone … Continue reading

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Immigration Activists Push the Dream Act

Public frustration with current immigration policy never seems to fade into the background these days.   At Congress.org, Ambreen Ali reports that reform activists are planning to press Senators to vote for the Dream Act next week.  Their campaign will include … Continue reading

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